Best Toy Stores in New York City

If you are in New York and you are looking to buy some toys for your children, then we will recommend you below some of the best toy stores you must visit. We are pretty sure that anything you decide to buy from here will be to your kids’ liking.

American Girl’s

This retail space is without a doubt every little girls’ dream. There are two levels of amazing features, including a salon for dolls and kids. Girls will have the chance to have their hair cut at this salon, alongside their favorite doll. A signature studio hosts instructional classes and various health & wellness activities. In case your children are fans of American Girl, then why not organize their birthday party in this location. American Girl’s offers private party rooms with all sort of themed packages. On the other hand, if you are just visiting New York, then go to this store in order to buy some amazing gifts for your children.

Disney Magic

Disney Magic is an absolutely magical place in New York, where you must definitely go in case you have children. You can find in this store glittery princess accessories, a wide range of toys for girls and boys of all ages, baby gear for the smallest of tots, NYC-themed Mickey gear and much more. Just take into consideration the fact that the crowds here can be quite intense, which means that it would be a better idea to visit Disney Magic during the week and not on weekends.

Dinosaur Hill’s

Dinosaur Hill’s is a top-rated establishment that offers creative for children of all interests. If you take the little ones with you to this place then they will certainly be impressed by everything that Dinosaur Hill’s has to offer. There is an impressive collection of European-made marionettes, toys, books, stuffed animals, and other great stuff. Parents, as well as gift-givers will highly appreciate the array of these items available at Dinosaur Hill’s.

Annie’s Blue Ribbon

This is also one of the best toy stores in New York City. There is also a backyard especially designed for events. Annie’s Blue Ribbon offers DIY craft kits, adorable stuffed animals, puzzles of all sizes, tiny army men with parachutes, and much more. The store also features stuff for adults such as mugs, candles, and quirky gifts. Make sure you don’t miss out the Annie’s annual easter egg hunt, which is actually a beloved event for Park Slope.

Teich Toys & Books

Are you planning to pick out some new toys for your tots? If so, then we highly recommend you to visit this store. Teich Toys & Books is filled with toys such as handmade stuffed animals, wooden heirloom-quality toys, puppets made of recycled sweaters, and more. The store also has a wide selection of books and an extremely cozy place where you can relax and read your favorite book. Once you get here make sure you look for the huge wooden locomotive in the corner. You will understand what we are talking about when you will see it.


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